Moda eco-friendly: 3 simple steps

Thesustainable fashion es, first of all, an alternative to fashion that we all know. What's so special? There are several factors that differentiate it because it starts from a totally different vision than fashion.

It isfashion guyis the one that changes its collections every season and that makes those water-green pants you bought last summer no longer “in” this summer and, whereby, you have to buy that other one with an oxford cut and in such a color that it prevailed.

Thesustainable fashion puts the principles of fashion in checkfast fashion and sets his 3 basic points.

The most important of sustainable fashion

So let's see what are thecharacteristics of sustainable fashion to understand what is proposed to us.

#1 Power the local

Thesustainable fashion seeks to encourage independent designers, those that you can find around your house or that have theirateliera few blocks from where you work. It seeks to value their work to the detriment of the big fashion brands that sell their garments around the world. “Buy local”, that seems to be himsustainable fashion slogan

And in case you think that there are no designers in your city or that you cannot find alternatives to the big brands, We tell you to search because SURE there is and, but, there is always the possibility of buying online in any part of the country and the world.

find a bag for every occasion1

#2 to recycle!

Why can't that white shirt that already has a couple of years in your closet be transformed into a new garment?? With new we do not say that it is with "zero use" but that there are many ways to reuse it. You can put appliqués, embroider it, glue sequins on it or paint it by hand. What comes to mind!

Thesustainable fashion part of the principle that everything is made to be used over and over again, changing their ways, their colors, even its function. Because a jean that you no longer wear can be transformed into a bag to take to the beach or a cosmetic bag. YEAH, ideas abound. It's just about encouraging yourself to implement them.

>> you can try this idea: intervened shorts, give your clothes a wave!

#3 stop washing

One of the issues that highlights thesustainable fashion is the laundry. Every time you load the washing machine you use a significant amount of water, And how do you propose to be one?moda ecofriendly, also look for the garments to be non-washable.

That is to say, You can use the same garment several times without having to wash it or opting for dry cleaning. Of course, the fabrics and compositions to achieve this are special and generally made from purely natural fibers..

Have you ever bought a sustainable garment? How would you encouragereuse your clothes? We want to know your opinion!



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